What the New Twitter Means for Your Brand or Business

If you’re on twitter regularly this is ancient news, but if you’re living under a rock (aka not on twitter) you might not know & in that case, BREAKING NEWS: there’s a new twitter.com coming! ..and it’s about time.

The #NewTwitter site should be an easier, faster, and richer experience. There are four key features that will improve the experience; a new design, new media features, related content and mini profiles. You can read details about these features at twitter.com/newtwitter

What does this mean for you, your brand or business?

  • New design = using twitter should be easier for you, try using twitter.com & see if you like it (it’s always been my favorite place to tweet from..well 2nd, only behind Ubertwitter)
  • Media = you should start using more media. The ability to view the media (pictures, videos, etc) right on twitter.com instead of leaving the site is huge, especially if you’re trying to reach gen-y…we’re spoiled with short attention spans, and love need to be entertained, we don’t want to read your novel of a blog post or press release, we’d rather see a picture or watch an entertaining YouTube.
  • Related content = it will be easier for others to find you, if you are consistently tweeting about your niche topic(s) so keep tweeting about your niche
  • Mini-profiles = It will be easier for others to see your twitter bio/info/link/etc and easier for you to see others info with no added clicks, so make sure that your twitter profile is filled out and up to date (you want a bio, link & city listed)

You can watch twitter’s #newtwitter video promo here..although I’m not impressed with it – if my boyfriend was planning a date night like that, I wouldn’t want him to tweet everything as he was doing to prepare..buzz kill. Then again, who just tweets everything they’re doing? (no one should) One day you’ll be on your users wavelength twitter, this new design could be a giant step closer.

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