HOW-TO: Get your picture (avatar) to show up on blog comments

How do I get my picture (avatar) show up in the little comment area on blogs? I get this question all the time from new/aspiring bloggers. You’d think it would be in a your blog management system – but it’s not. It’s controlled through one site for all blogs, a site called Gravatar. The video below explains it best, check it out and head to & upload yours.

Branding hint: You want a gravatar. It helps put a face to a name, automatically making you more personable and connectible. If you’re a brand, you want a consistent avatar used for your and/or your brand throughout all of your social media profiles, so your gravatar should be the same as your twitter picture, facebook page picture, etc.


  1. Great post I always wondered why my pictures wasn’t showing up wonderful!!

  2. Thanks Shelly! Glad I was able to help!

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