OK, what is the deal with Twitter?

Who would even follow me? I don’t need to update everyone on my every move! Sound familiar? I hear it all the time.  But here’s the thing – you don’t have to look at twitter as a way to give out your personal information (unless you want to), instead think of it as a way of getting information from others.  One thing is for sure, Twitter is blowing up…at a rate of 1,382% to be exact (as of March).  It doesn’t seam to be going anywhere anytime soon.  So it’s time to stop wondering, and start utilizing twitter for everything it can do for you.  And yes – there’s lots it can do.

Don’t know where to start? Well you’re in luck – mashable (a great resource for online social media) has just released a Twitter Guide Book for those who are new to Twitter.

The best part about Twitter? The external sites that people have developed to utilize the information flowing through tweets…even for your jobs search: www.TwitterJobSearch.com a job search engine for twitter.

There are tons of twitter’s you can follow that strictly post job postings. How to find them?  Once you make your twitter account click “find people” search “[city] jobs” [replace city with the city of your choice] and see what job twitterers are out there.  For example, want to live in Chicago? I just searched Chicago jobs & these are just the first 5 that came up: chicagowebjobs, jobschicagojobchicago, Chicagocareers, GreenJobChicago all posting job openings.  Think about it – instead of you searching everywhere for jobs, all you have to click is “follow” and a constant flow of job postings will come to you!

Leave it up to our generation to come up with the most lazy way possible to have information come directly to us! But hey, who’s complaining?

& for those of you who still want to hate on twitter…enjoy….

This post was orignially posted by me on cashforcareers.com; Career Advice & Services Hub – a blog I helped start and work for part-time at Michigan State University.

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